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Posted on 07/26/2018 in Weekend breaks

The River Spa at the Knightsbrook Hotel Treatment Day

The River Spa at the Knightsbrook Hotel Treatment Day

The River Spa at the Knightsbrook Hotel in Meath is a real gem.

I almost felt like royalty when I drove through to the hotel; with big stone arches either side of the road welcoming you to the hotel, spa and golf resort.

For those of you who know me I am a terrible golfer so I didn’t embarrass myself by booking time on the golf course, my day was dedicated to a spa day and I was in for a real treat.

The River Spa is situated close to the hotel reception so it is really easy to find. Some hotels I visit I walk around and around in circles and can never find the spa entrance! But it was stress free today.

As I am welcomed with a warm smile and reassurance I check myself in and head off to the changing room to prepare for my pre treatment pampering – the thermal area. I always feel it’s such a waste when people forget to make time prior to their treatment and don’t use the thermal rooms.

The Thermal area is a tranquil area with hot and cold cabins designed to create balance of the mind and body. Many people don’t really understand the difference between the different rooms so I asked Louise one of the team about the benefits:

Herbal Sauna

This is a dry, heat experience that warms the body quickly. It’s a dry intense heat reaching anywhere from 60-90 degrees. It’s excellent for opening the pores.

Cool Shower

A great way to stimulate the blood circulation is to switch from hot to cold, so between treatments use the shower. 

Salt Grotto

This is a steam room with salt infusion. It is excellent for blood circulation and also respiratory problems. Ideal for a pre treatment exfoliation of the skin also.


This chamber is very different to the traditional saunas. May people say they don’t see the point in a lightly heated dry room; however it is used as a middle room between the intense heat rooms.

Steam Room

This room is excellent for encouraging detoxification through the skin with an intense steam to open the pores, and increase perspiration.

Don’t forget on your journey around the thermal suite to take in plenty of water to replenish after all the detoxing you will do. You can also use the pool and Jacuzzi, it is situated next door in the leisure centre and also included in your treatment spa day.

There is an additional room in the thermal area which you can privately book called the Mud Rasul. There is a private steam room, you are given a mud mask to apply all over your body, you sit in the steam room and reap the amazing benefits of this treatment.  It’s excellent for removing toxins and is a stimulating therapy as well, targeting our five senses. The mud, steam, heat and water work together in what is often called a “cleansing ritual.” It is recommended to have a facial or massage after the treatment but you can also book it as a standalone treatment. It is ideal for couples, friends, and quality family time.

I’m not a great sleeper so when I saw The River Spa Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage I knew that was the treatment for me. Apparently its also great for people with jet lag so would really suit international travellers to the hotel.

This is how they explain the treatment in their brochure:

[Comfort Zone] Tranquility Pro Sleep Massage

Our signature treatment, tranquility pro-sleep massage is an innovative experience acting on three different sensorial pathways for profound relaxation, The synergy of a unique blend of essential oils, the bespoke Tranquillity™ Sound, Ayurvedic and Indonesian Sea Malay manualities combined with the use of soft brushes, gently guide the way to achieve a quiet and peaceful mind and body state favouring sleep and helping to recover jetlag side-effects. The Pro Sleep massage is a deeply relaxing treatment for all especially Recommended for those who feel stressed, unable to relax and have problems sleeping well. Ideal after long flights or travelling to a new time zone.

As I lay down ready for my treatment I wonder how using soft brushes will de-stress my over active brain and tense body. I am not a huge fan of the standard massage, I prefer a Thai massage or even hot stone massage, but I rarely feel completely rejuvenated after a regular massage. My treatment journey starts with beautiful oil inhalation, it is right what my Yoga teacher used to say, we forget how to breathe right and wonder why we are ill and stressed all the time. I immediately start to relax and I concentrate on my breathing. Now I’m not going to lie I can’t tell you every element of my journey as I was hoping to do as I drifted in and out of consciousness throughout the entire treatment. 

However I remember feeling rhythmic strokes combined with light pressure point touches. The gliding of the soft brushes with the warm oils sent me into a place of pure tranquility (the treatment name is so apt I tried to think of another word to explain it but failed). it included hands on strokes, rhythmic movements that almost felt like a dance; all I can say is its been a very long time since my well-being has been bought back into balance after a treatment. The only down side to it was it only lasted 55 minutes and I wanted another 10 hours!

As my therapist finished my treatment I was taken to the gorgeous relaxation area where I fell asleep once again but not before enjoying some fresh fruit and juice. My only regret was I was travelling home that day, next time I will book in the hotel overnight and make the most of this new state of well-being.

My entire journey through The River Spa has changed my perception of the treatments that are not run of the mill standard massage or facial. I really didn’t think a treatment that was not digging into my tense shoulders would be able to make my muscles feel like putty and my mind so free.

I will be back to visit the gorgeous team where every single person I met even in the walk ways where warm and friendly making me feel so welcome.

Thank you guys and until the next time.

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