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Posted on 05/12/2018 in short breaks

Peninsula Spa at The Dingle Skellig Hotel Introduces Voya Treatments

Peninsula Spa at The Dingle Skellig Hotel Introduces Voya Treatments

Have you visited Dingle lately? Because during my 12 years living in County Kerry I seemed to visit quite often and only realise now since moving to Cork two years ago how much I took the views and beautiful energy of the Wild Atlantic Way for granted.

Dingle for those of you unfamiliar is a small coastal town in the South West of Ireland. Dingle is well known for its spectacular scenery and beautiful sandy beaches. If like me you live a bit of a distance away from there, it might be a good excuse to stay a night or two!

The Dingle Skellig Hotel is set right on the coast of the Dingle Peninsula and for tourists visiting Ireland or keen adventurers it is also part of the Wild Atlantic Way. The hotel also has the only hotel spa in Dingle and is a well known spot for locals, visitors and tourists.

I have known Sharron O’Connor the Spa Manager for many years and have frequently visited her spa as one of my favourite spots. However since moving to Cork nearly two years ago I had neglected to visit or even pop in to say hi. So when I arrived to the spa, I reminded myself why a more frequent visit needs to be a part of my total well-being lifestyle.

But let’s start with my journey from West Cork to Dingle which was about 2.5 hours long. I woke up to the most horrific weather and was so thankful I was heading to the spa to hide from this mini storm! No joke this is how it looked from my car (I wasn’t driving by the way!)

But the roads are pretty quiet if you are travelling out of season so the journey wasn’t too bad even in the rain. Except of course for the typical Kerry traffic jams!

As I arrived in Dingle it was like driving into a different country, in typical Kerry style the clouds parted and the sun was shining like a typical gorgeous spring day (can’t quite call it summer it was still a little chilly!).

Walking through the Peninsula hotel to get to the spa, it is quaint, warm and inviting. You are made to feel like an old friend even if it is your first time. It’s what I love the most about Irish hospitality. When I arrive at the spa I am greeted by one of my favourite therapists Eimear ( I know I shouldn’t have favourites but I do!) . I get a gorgeous fluffy robe and slippers, invited to change and head to the relaxation area.

Now remember I have frequented this spa many many times but today was like my very first time. I stood in awe of the beauty that was in front of me.

I think to myself, how can we be so lucky to have such a gorgeous facility and such breath taking views – these places need to feature in Cone Naste! This is the Dingle Peninsula and this is my spa day in the Peninsula Spa.

The relaxation area has an essence steam room and a Finnish sauna as well as gorgeous sun loungers inside and out (for those rare hot Irish days). But the real treat is the outdoor hot tub, just check out the video here:

I settle myself down with some delicious snacks and a Mango and Passion fruit smoothie. I would recommend that you leave all digital devices in your locker when you are on a spa day but my day was about getting information for you, so while the relaxation area was empty I did a little live Facebook video.

Eimear arrives to whisk me into her treatment room where the magic begins. The Peninsula Spa offers Yon Ka treatments and products but they also wanted to connect the beauty of the surrounding area with an Irish brand and decided that Voya was the perfect fit.

For those of you unfamiliar with Voya it is a luxury organic seaweed based face and body brand and best of all its Irish made. They originated in Sligo where they still run an active spa with pure seaweed baths and welcome over 40,000 people there each year. Voya products and treatments are available all over the world and even on cruise ships.

My treatments today were a 30 minute taster Voya facial followed by a Voya back massage. Eimear started with a skin consultation to understand what products were going to be best to treat my skin. Then asked about my stress levels and type of massage I would like. I have very sensitive skin and usually get some redness during my facials which I am quite used to but at no stage during this treatment did I feel a reaction – it was a sign that the products chosen were perfect for me. Eimear used a gorgeous balm cleanser called Totally Balmy on my skin which felt highly nourishing and instead of using a grain exfoliator because this would have over stimulated my already sensitive skin; she used Illuminating exfoliating gel which is a seaweed enzyme exfoliator. A gorgeous nourishing maskerade face mask finished with Me Time soothing moisturiser and regenerating eye cream. I may have turned 40 last month but I’m looking 30 now!! Then I was turned over and treated to a muscle melting back massage using a lavender based oil……… not much I can tell you after that as the next thing I remember is waking myself up with a little snort!

Eimear bought be back to the relaxation area to enjoy a Voya herbal tea and to try and adjust back to the real world once again.

I was not ready to face the real world and wanted to hibernate in there forever. But with a rumbling tummy and a spa lunch waiting for me, I floated down to the Blasket bar and enjoyed a delicious gluten free chicken curry. There were desserts in the spa menu also but that was a little too much for me today so I’ll have to update you with dessert options on my next visit!

Now I am a spa consultant and a digital marketer so you might say I have a little insight into the spa world. People often ask me about the difference spas I visit and surely when you’ve been to one spa you’ve been to them all – it couldn’t be more opposite. 20 years in this industry working around the world and on cruise ships and my mind is still blown.

As I travelled through the Wild Atlantic Way back to Killarney and then on to Cork I simply had to stop and show you the gorgeous views on my way home. To me this only enhances my wellbeing experience for the day, and breathing in the sea air taking a few pictures, I remember why I am so blessed to live in Ireland and to be so close to all this beauty.

So your well-being experience really doesn’t start when you are in the spa, it starts from when you arrive on the Peninsula coastal roads. It’s so important to take time for yourself, I am a devil for not having me time I work so much but then on days like this I am reminded why it is so important.

Do you fancy a spa day or spa break in Dingle. Contact the team here who will be delighted to help you create the perfect package to suit your needs.

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