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Posted on 12/07/2016 in Category 1

Benefits of Exercise for Wellbeing

Benefits of Exercise for Wellbeing

For a long time, the overall opinion of exercise was that it was for a certain type of person but this is slowly changing and so it should be. Nowadays, there are thousands of research studies that prove the positive impact of exercise on well-being and overall health. By partaking in a little physical activity, you can reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. 


Of course, exercise is also a contributing factor to weight management and you can maintain weight loss. For anybody considered ‘obese’, exercise is pivotal because it reduces overall body fat and preserves muscle mass so calories burn more efficiently. This, coupled with a nutritious diet, will severely reduce the risk of many diseases and health issues. 


Furthermore, ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL) can be increased whilst reducing ‘bad cholesterol’ (LDL) by strengthening the heart to lower the risk of heart disease and strokes. Overtime, the whole body reacts and benefits from this self-fulfilling positive spiral of events. 


Stress Management - After the physical benefits, there are also many physiological advantages of exercise such as the reduction of stress. With as little as twenty minutes of exercise, your mood can improve because ‘feel good’ hormones are produced such as serotonin amongst others. As your mood improves, you become more confident about yourself and your abilities. 


Better Sleep - If you are a poor sleeper, it could be because you aren't getting enough exercise. As long as you don’t exercise right before bedtime, you can tire your body so it is in a position where it is ready to be refuelled via sleep. 


As we touched upon previously, there are many health problems that can be resolved or prevented through exercise including; 


Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes - As your body fat decreases, your diabetes can be controlled because your body is able to take in key nutrients,calories burn quicker than before, and not so much fat is stored.


Blood Pressure - If you have high blood pressure, this can also be relieved because you are reducing body fat so there is less pressure and stress on the heart. 


Back Pain - Ultimately, this is a double-effect because you are reducing body weight whilst increasing the strength of muscles which come together to prevent back pain. 


Osteoporosis - As we age, we generally see bone loss but exercise could prevent this. In fact, many things that change with age can be reduced or prevented. 


Summary - On the whole, exercise is fantastic for your overall health and well-being and there is no excuse since it is so easy. When people use the term‘exercise’, people think of spending hours in the gym but this isn't the case.In truth, it could be going for a walk, a cycle, or anything that you enjoy as long as it keeps you moving. 


If you have health problems to contend with, have a talk with your doctor for advice and recommended classes because there is something for everyone! 

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