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Posted by The Spa Hub on 03/26/2018

What Type of Massage to Choose When You Visit the Spa

What Type of Massage to Choose When You Visit the Spa

Your BFF calls, you have a booking for an afternoon in your favourite spa - It’s going to be the best day ever!! Now you just have the ‘simple’ task of choosing a treatment. So you go online, down load the brochure and all you see is


Yes you have been hit with the spa brochure jargon. It hits us all at some stage unless we are real spa boffs. You know in this encyclopaedia of total bliss and relaxation that there is the perfect treatment for you; but how can you decide when there are so many options? We have listed some of the better known spa treatments and why you should book them:

Hot Stone Massage

What is it?

A hot stone massage is a full body or back massage treatment using Basalt river rocks which are smooth and heat up when placed in water. The therapist places stones on certain healing points/chakras of the body and uses various size stones to massage your body, leaving you feel deeply relaxed and de-stressed.

Why choose a hot stone massage versus a regular massage?

Most of us have very tense muscles and want the best results from our treatment. However lying on a bed and jumping every two minutes because you are trying to get through the pain is not the ultimate spa experience you want. The Basalt stones will warm your muscles making it easier for the therapist to work deeper in your muscles without the pain but with maximum relaxation benefits.


What is it?

Reflexology is known as an alternative therapy or holistic therapy that works on your feet (or sometimes your hands) targeting the pressure points associated with Chinese medicine points in your body. For example the top of your big toe is connected to the top of your head in Chinese medicine and if you suffer from migraines or headaches your therapist can work on this area to assist with relief.

Why choose reflexology versus a regular massage?

You don’t necessarily have to work directly on your points of pain and discomfort to achieve results. Reflexology has been practised in China for as far back as 4000 BC and is well documented for its results in physical well being and pain relief. You will feel deeply relaxed after this treatment. It is also an excellent choice for pregnant ladies.

Hydro bath

What is it?

A hydrobath massage is a water based spa treatment which uses high pressure jets to massage your muscles. Some baths are fresh water and spa based products will be added others have sea water which has amazing benefits all on its own.

Why choose a hydro bath versus a regular massage?

The hydro bath has amazing health benefits and really boosts circulation. Whether your bath has fresh water (with a spa product added to it) or sea water, your skin will feel amazing, your muscles will feel relaxed and softened and your circulation will have improved immensely – which is amazing as part of a detox.

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