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Posted by FG Innovation Management Ltd on 11/25/2019

What is Reflexology and How Can It Benefit You?

What is Reflexology and How Can It Benefit You?

Reflexology has to be one of my favourite treatments of all time. I’ve never been a huge fan of Swedish massage, laying on a treatment bed for an hour while a therapist reminds me how tense I am! I like to go for treatments to work on balancing my body and improving my health. Reflexology was the only treatment while I was pregnant with my daughter that helped me relax and feel great. So, it’s safe to say I have had my fair share of reflexology treatments over the years, now step in Mary from The Buff Day Spa. Mary is a holistic therapist working at the spa offering a range of beautiful holistic body treatments including full body massage with the option of some Reiki healing as well as reflexology.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology practitioners believe that our feet are the map to our entire body and by applying pressure to various points of the foot clients will feel physical and emotional changes in their body. It is believed that a different part of the foot connects with a different part of the body.

What are the Benefits of Reflexology?

  • It can reduce stress and tension
  • Improve circulation
  • Boost the immune system and energy levels
  • Ease back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Ease PMS
  • Improve digestive disorders
  • Improve overall well-being and balance


My Reflexology Treatment

I was rushing as always on a busy Monday but wanted to experience Mary’s treatments so I asked for a 30 minutes reflexology session. Mary asked me what I wanted her to focus on and having constant battles with my stomach due to Coeliac disease, I was open to any type of relief or healing she could offer.

Mary started by warming up my feet, she explained that she likes to spend this time connecting with her clients so their energies flow and open up allowing her to create a deeper connection for treatment and healing. Sometimes it doesn’t happen immediately especially if you are new to these types of treatments; don’t think that if you don’t connect or completely relax in your first reflexology session that it won’t happen the next time, we all respond at different rates.

After the initial warming up on my feet and connecting – which pretty much just felt like a beautiful foot and ankle massage, Mary started to work on my energy points. I would be fairly familiar with these points as I have worked with reflexologists over the years and they have taught me a lot but I’m always open to learning more. Mary explained that the right side of the body (foot) is connected with the physical so it could relate to an injury, muscle imbalance causing excess stress, for me, it was my Coeliac disease which causes inflammation in the colon caused by the reaction to certain foods. The left side of the body is connected with the emotion; we can have soreness in areas of our body and it can be connected to something going on in our lives rather than an injury.

For those of you familiar with massage or reflex you know when a therapist finds a ball/crystal in your muscle and they start to work on this in various ways. Mary explained that in reflexology these crystals block the energy flow which can often be the reason why people can’t get relief or feel better. According to Mary, her clients really start to see results after the 4th session.  

As I lay and relax for my treatment, I started to feel an immense surge of energy come from my feet and draw all the way up my body. It was an amazing feeling and something I haven’t experienced in treatment for a long time. The energy flow around my body got stronger and stronger. Mary asked as I was only there for 30 minutes if she could do a colon cleanse (on my feet) as she could feel the imbalance in my stomach and colon area and wanted to focus on my main area of concern. She then finished with my permission with some Reiki healing.

The treatment was simply amazing and I did not want to get off the bed. I have committed to having more treatments with Mary to help improve my digestive system as I could feel amazing benefits even from the first treatment.

As I rushed out of the room to head off in Dublin for my next meeting, I rather regretted now allowing myself time to sit, reconnect and re-balance. I did feel a little overwhelmed and a little nauseous by the time I sat down for my meeting, knowing that having such a powerful treatment demanded post-treatment me time and not my usual hectic rushing.

Would I recommend going to The Buff Day Spa in Dublin for reflexology with Mary – YES!

Would I recommend committing to a course of treatments with her to see even more amazing results? YES!

Would I recommend rushing out the door immediately after your treatment because you never allow enough time for yourself – NO!

Take time, value yourself and value your healing. I learned a huge lesson that day and realise that even the most hardened treatment boffs need to stop, treat and recharge before heading back out into this mad hectic world we live in.

To make a book with Mary contact The Buff Day Spa <<HERE>>

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