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Posted by The Spa Hub on 04/03/2019

What Are the Best Places You Have Visited?

What Are the Best Places You Have Visited?

It’s a real perk of the job to be invited to experience spas all over the world. Maybe we are bias but the Go to the Spa team think that you can’t beat the Irish hospitality! And you can’t beat Ireland as a country when the weather is glorious. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So when I was invited for a spa day at the Chill Spa at the Ice House Hotel in Mayo I was only delighted to be able to experience this gorgeous spa. To my delight, the week I was invited was when we had what we call our Indian summer in March. The week was beautiful and Ireland is simply breathtaking when the weather is good.

What a glorious day to arrive at the spa and once I checked in I was shown around the thermal areas which were my pre-treatment treat. What a view I was going to enjoy while relaxing for the afternoon, I was on cloud nine even before the massage!

The thermal area is a little different from other spas and that's why this spa is so popular. Once you step outside on the veranda you are met with beautiful views of the river. Inside you can enjoy a traditional steam room and outside there is a rustic wooden sauna, hot tubs, and relaxation chairs. I am told that in the summer guests sit outside and have their lunch here (that's my summer break sorted!).

There's a new addition to the spa in recent weeks with an indoor lanconium and experience showers. When I asked Elaine the Spa Manager why they added to the experience with a lanconium she explained that everyone can use it including pregnant Mum's and cancer patients - I love the way everyone has been considered when developing this beautiful area. 

Outdoor Seaweed Bathing Experience

Now for those who know me will know I am not a bath kinda gal. I really don't like sitting still for long anywhere. But I was fascinated with these baths and decided it was time to stop moving for 45 minutes to see what all the fuss was about. 

My therapist bought me to the bath which was filled with hot water and fresh Voya seaweed. I was unsure how this was going to feel it all looked rather slimy!! As I sank into my own wooden bath I immediately began to unwind, the seaweed felt so nice and even nourishing, the water was blissful and then I looked out on the views - I was happy to be left here for the day! Herbal tea was served with fresh fruit and water, it really was a pampering experience; the sun beating down and the sound of the water rippling on the river banks. 

The Ice House Hotel Mayo

Voyager Massage Journey

Once I had finished the bathing experience it was time to dry off and prepare for my treatment. My muscles were nicely warm from the outdoor bathing experience which meant that my therapist could really work her magic on my tension shoulders during the treatment. I always recommend enjoying a seaweed or hydro bath before any spa treatment to get the best results.

Hailey was my therapist for my Voyager Massage Journey and I was excited to experience this treatment not only because I am a huge fan of Voya treatments but also because I knew it was going to be different from the regular full body massage treatment. The treatment includes skin brushing which is excellent for boosting circulation and an all over body experience including my scalp, face, body, and even some wonderful stretches. The massage moves were more like a dance across my muscles rather than fingers and thumbs which I often find quite off-putting in a treatment. I won't lie I definitely dozed off a couple of times, waking myself up with a little snort as I drift between sleep and relaxation. I always know when a treatment has really worked for me when I am taken to this semi-conscious state. 

Voya at the Chill Spa

Once my treatment journey ended I was taken to the sleeping room, where I could continue enjoying this deep state of relaxation. Low lighting, and warm blankets to snuggle up under, they are lucky I'm still not there snoozing!

Chill Spa at The Ice House Hotel

What can I say, it's a tough job but someone has to do it and that lucky girl is me. It's a real privileged to have been invite to the Chill Spa and I will be returning for more luxury pampering. Of course I couldn't leave empty handed as my therapist did recommend the gorgeous Feel the Heat cream from Voya that would continue to work wonders on my sore muscles and of course the Voya seaweed bath - not such great views from my bathroom but still amazing results.

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