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Posted by The Spa Hub on 07/06/2018

Well-being Breaks and Why You Should Try Them

Well-being Breaks and Why You Should Try Them

Well-being breaks are becoming a huge part of people’s travel agenda. As a society we are becoming more conscious about our health and well-being and we don’t mind investing in more natural alternatives to help us feel better. 

What is Well-being?

The English dictionary describes well-being as:

“The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”

We all have different ways of making ourselves feel this way, some people like to hike up mountains, some like to meditate, some get a spa treatment, some like healthy eating and time with their family or friends. There is no one state of well-being but many.

Before well-being became a trendy word, as a spa manager I was creating these breaks for the guests in my hotel spas and resorts. Depending on who they were and what they were looking for would determine the type of well-being break I would design for them. It could include yoga, Pilates, a detox food menu, healthy eating plan, mountain walks, sea water therapy, spa treatments, meditation; the list goes on and on.

Gone are the days when only the eccentric people went on well-being holidays, now as a society we are realising that all of us need time out, time away from work, daily life, and especially digital devices.

Benefits of Well-being Breaks

Improved minds

When we are more relaxed and happy our mood improves and we obviously feel we can cope with daily life much easier. Our work improves, we have less sick days and the body’s natural endorphins increase allowing us to enjoy life much more.

Reduce elevated health risks

By inducing activity or exercise, better eating and relaxation,as long as we maintain some of it to a certain level you will reduce the risk of lifestyle related illnesses like type ii diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain especially around the mid area.

Better sleep pattern

When we eat better and are more active our body responds positively. Many wellbeing breaks work on improving your sleep patterns as many people suffer with levels of insomnia and most of the time it is stress and lifestyle related. By learning on your well-being breaks how to look after yourself better you will notice your night’s sleep improving too once you are home.

Value yourself

As a mother I have a tendency to NOT ‘treat’ myself and not give myself time out that I need. As parents we often feel guilty that we need to be at the beck and call of our children 24/7. But I find when I allow myself to feel valued and do not see it as a treat but part of my lifestyle then I enjoy my well-being breaks far more.

“Life is not a dress rehearsal”

As I’m writing this blog I am laughing at the fact that I need to write an article about why we need to look after ourselves. As quoted above life is not a dress rehearsal and if our health and well-being is being compromised by our choices then our quality of life reduces. I have always said I am not here for a long time but I am here got a good time and I want to be in a state of well-being to allow me to enjoy life.

So before you make a list of reasons why you should click online and search out your next available well-being break, just do it, don’t try to justify why you should allow yourself to feel better. Just by making that immediate decision will make you feel better even before you go!

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