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Posted by The Spa Hub on 05/08/2018

Top 4 Reasons Why Therapists Recommend Products For You

Top 4 Reasons Why Therapists Recommend Products For You

You’ve had a gorgeous spa treatment and you are feeling like a new person. Let’s face it you’ve never had results like this before and you certainly don’t have a live in spa therapist to do this at home daily unless you are Beyonce! So your spa therapist recommends products for you to take home and you are horrified. Selling to me after this beautiful tranquil journey? What on earth would I buy products for?

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The ageing skin, fine lines, muscle tension or whatever else your spa therapist has helped improve today probably did not appear over night. So where as one spa treatment will make you feel like a million dollars and you may think this feeling will last forever – the reality is it won’t; unless you continue to look after yourself at home too.

Long lasting results

Results don’t come from one treatment it comes from continuous treatment and work. You don’t go to the gym, have one spinning session and think that the 15lbs you wanted to lose will just disappear. No, you go to regular classes and work hard to get the results – it is no different with spa treatments.

Money saving

We all love to save money and if you develop a regular routine with your therapists help the appearance of your skin will greatly improve, thus spending less time ‘fighting fire’ and more time perfecting the results. If you have muscle tension, by following your therapist’s recommendations you are less likely to feel as much tension and stiffness than you did in your first treatment, so future treatments will be more relaxing and less muscle pummelling and your quality of life will improve you may even sleep better because you are in less pain.

Because you are worth it

As a Mum I often by pass things I need for myself through guilt because I feel that money should be spent on my daughter or on the house. But in reality I deserve to treat myself to things that will ultimately make me feel better long term. So look at it as an investment in your wellness.

Next time you have a spa treatment and your therapist recommends products, be grateful they have gone to the trouble to analyse what you need and help you on your wellness journey. If you don’t have the budget that day to take everything recommended, take what is in your budget and slowly build on your products as you can. Little steps eventually get you a long way. You just have to be consistent.

Happy Spa Day!

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