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Posted by FG Innovation Management Ltd on 12/18/2019

Noa Spa at The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth

Noa Spa at The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth

Did you know that the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth has just opened a brand new sparkly spa?! Well, we did and we decided to take a sneak peek into the spa and see what their treatments were like.

They decided to use Yon-Ka and Voya I discovered when I was chatting to Natasa the Spa Supervisor. She explained that Yon-Ka is more results-driven treatments whereas Voya gives the luxury organic spa experience so there is literally something for everyone. 

I know Voya fairly well at this stage so decided to delve into the unknown and try a Yon-Ka treatment. I find massage treatments fairly boring a lot of the time as they tend to be the same routine and although it’s relaxing It doesn’t wow me - I know I’m hard to please at times!!

I arrived in Maynooth, Kildare in the hustle and bustle of this busy town. It’s Christmas and the traffic was busy and I wondered how I was going to get proper relaxation time in such a busy place. I arrived in the car park which is linked to the leisure centre and checked in. A warm welcoming smile and I was invited to change and use the adult-only pool, sauna, steam, and jacuzzi. For once I remembered my swimming togs and made full use of some me-time. I often whisk in a spa, have a treatment and head straight out ready to write my blogs but I decided to go into 2020 I need to take a leaf out of my own book and remember what we advise everyone to do when they are booking time in the spa - take an hour before to come and enjoy the facilities, relax and unwind so you are truly ready for your spa experience. So this is my new rule - even though it’s work I must complete the entire treatment journey every time and I advise you to do the same.

Mariko was my therapist and invited me to the beautiful treatment room where I had booked an Aroma Fusion Escape Massage. After completing my consultation and needs analysis she asked me to smell four different oils and choose which one I preferred as this would be used in my massage oil. Apparently, when you are using aromatherapy oils your brain will trigger a positive or negative response to different smells based on what your body needs at that time. I opted for the detox oil.

The treatment started off with beautiful hand pressures all over the body. Then Mariko started with a deeply relaxing hot stone back massage. I love hot stones in a massage treatment as the heat from the stones soften your muscles so the massage is much more beneficial. My legs are always a target area for me from running and wearing ridiculously high heels all the time - this is where I finally got to experience my first bamboo massage. Rolling the bamboo to pummel the muscles in my legs and feet was simply blissful. I could feel the tension melting away as the bamboo was rolled over my tense sore muscles. Then my treatment finished with a wonderful pressure point massage on my arms and hands - every part of me felt relaxed and at peace (yes I did have my token snort in the middle of the treatment as I dozed off!!). It felt like I was laying there for hours, the treatment was 55 minutes. 

Mariko lead me back to the relaxation area where she gave me a glass of strawberry infused water and herbal tea. You can see from my picture below I was in no fit state to drive I was so relaxed; so I decided to take advantage of this newfound me time.

For more details about Noa Spa click here https://www.gotothespa.ie/ireland/hotel-spa/noa-spa

For the latest deals at Noa Spa click here https://offers.gotothespa.ie/


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