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Posted by FG Innovation Management Ltd on 07/08/2019

Johnstown Estate Spa Review

Johnstown Estate Spa Review

What better way to catch up with a long term friend than a spontaneous relaxing spa afternoon! With that in mind, Rhona and I decided to treat ourselves to some treatments at the beautiful Johnstown House Estate Spa, only forty minutes from Dublin. Read on and have a look at the videos to see how we got on.

As usual, it was a lastminute.com booking for us and there was only space for two back massages on a busy Saturday afternoon which is testament to the popularity of this spa.

Checking in was simple and straightforward, exactly as it should be. After filling out the consultation form, the receptionist showed us around and told us exactly what to do. We had left ourselves plenty of time before our treatment so straightaway after changing into the fluffy robes and sandals, we made a beeline for the pool downstairs to get a few laps in. Then we progressed to the outdoor hot tub...and when I say hot...I mean hot! With careful precision of my limbs, I could already feel the tension easing out of my calves and lower back in here. Then we spotted the hammocks, I kid you not! After a hilarious not so graceful attempt at climbing into one, Rhona kindly videoed an update.

Watch the video review: 

At this stage, time was pushing on so we went back to the lounge room to wait on our therapist. There was a tasty selection of fresh fruit and herbal teas and as it was well past my lunchtime, these were a divine treat! Our therapists arrived and led us off to our respective treatment rooms.

After our lovely Back, Neck and Shoulder Massages and plenty of sound solid aftercare advice, our therapists led us to a relaxation room and showed us the thermal suite beside it. After chilling out for a while stretched out on the comfy relaxation loungers, we decided to head over to see the thermal suite. There are three different experiences ranging from warm to hot. We started off in the gorgeous mosaic tiled Caldarium where the seats were heated and moulded to your body...absolute bliss for our massaged muscles! Seriously I could have spent ages in here except for the heat!

In between heat chambers, we cooled off in the cold showers that had an array of spray functions from tropical rain to soft mist. As an absolute lover of cold water, I still couldn’t manage to hold in the squeals when the water hit my overheated body! Our next stop was the aroma steam and from there to the lovely sauna which was the hottest of all three. 

Interestingly as it was a Saturday, the Spa itself was very busy with clients and treatments. However we had the thermal suite to ourselves. I highly recommend that if you are making the effort to go to a spa, that you also take the extra time you need to get the most out of all the facilities. The thermal suite was such a relaxing way to spend our afternoon catching up and simultaneously detoxing!

All in all, it was an amazing afternoon of rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. At only €55 per person for our Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, it was incredible value. Next time, I will be more organised and book in for one of their wonderful packages and really luxuriate in that well deserved time out that we all so badly need.

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