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Posted by The Spa Hub on 08/28/2018

Do You Make the Most of Your Spa Appointment?

Do You Make the Most of Your Spa Appointment?

Unlike most appointments where we rush in and rush out on a tight schedule, your spa experience needs to be the total opposite. When I am consulting in spas I hear the receptionist advising the guest to arrive an hour before to make the most of the thermal suite and relaxation area and when it comes to the day of their treatment they are tearing through the door with only minutes to spare before their treatment starts……

But what are the benefits of all these different chambers in the thermal area? They all look the same right?

Most spas have a bespoke thermal area for guests to relax in prior to their treatment, here I give some examples of the types of experiences you can enjoy as a guest and how it will benefit you:

Herbal Sauna

This is a dry, heat experience that warms the body quickly. It’s a dry intense heat reaching anywhere from 60-90 degrees. It’s excellent for opening the pores.

Cool Shower

A great way to stimulate the blood circulation is to switch from hot to cold, so between treatments use the shower.

Salt Grotto

This is a steam room with salt infusion. It is excellent for blood circulation and also respiratory problems. Ideal for a pre treatment exfoliation of the skin also.


This chamber is very different to the traditional saunas. May people say they don’t see the point in a lightly heated dry room; however it is used as a middle room between the intense heat rooms.

Steam Room

This room is excellent for encouraging detoxification through the skin with an intense steam to open the pores, and increase perspiration.

Thalassotherapy Pool

Thalassotherapy is the use of sea water in a pool environment as a form of therapy. As we know there are huge health benefits to bathing in seawater and many people use it for health treatments, skin conditions, joint problems and many many more. The minerals in the sea water nourish the body from the inside out.

Jacuzzi (in door) or hot tub (outdoor)

Let’s not forget the stress relief of simply sitting in a hot tub promotes. It releases stress in the muscles, can ease headaches, fatigue and soreness. Due to its relaxing effects it will encourage a better night’s sleep also.

So as you can see there are so many reasons to make that extra time to fully enjoy your spa day. You pay for the full experience so why not use the full service on offer. And don’t rush out the door after your treatment, just spend 15 minutes in the relaxation area with a herbal tea, some fresh fruit and allow yourself to breath and allow your body to fully absorb the nourishing oils and creams that were applied throughout your treatment.

I am so relaxed even writing this; I think I’ll just take a little siesta.

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