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Posted by FG Innovation Management Ltd on 07/30/2019

Deep Tissue Massage versus Hot Stone Massage

Deep Tissue Massage versus Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages isn’t a trend like some spa therapies out there – hot stone massage has actually been used for healing purposes for thousands of years.

Both written and verbal documentations show that the Chinese used heated stones more than 2000 years ago to improve the function of the internal organs. Stones have also been used for healing in Europe, India, Africa, North and South America.

As they say when in Rome! The ancient Greeks and Romans created Roman baths from 27 B.C to 476 A.D, they used stones to create saunas and hot immersion baths.

Heated stone therapy was reintroduced in 1993 by Mary Nelson who is the founder of La Stone Therapy. Since then hot stone treatments became a popular option on spa menus around the world. But why should you choose a hot stone massage versus a deep tissue or regular massage?

  • The heat of the stones will soften your muscles meaning you will get a deeper yet more relaxing massage.
  • It’s completely natural! Hot stone treatments are simply oil and heated stones – nothing added zero chemical or medicinal process.
  • Regulates your pulse rate so it calms your mind and body.
  • The heat encourages better blood circulation to sore and damaged muscles which will aide healing.

So before you book a regular massage for your next spa visit – consider trying the hot stone massage, you won’t be disappointed!

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