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Posted by The Spa Hub on 01/03/2019

Conscious Wellness in 2019

Conscious Wellness in 2019

New Year and a New You – the old cliché. It’s getting boring, so much so that people are opting to NOT make new year resolutions anymore because they know they will fail drastically days if not weeks into the new goal setting, feel miserable and really all they have done is taken a few steps back into what should be a fresh new year!

So if you are like me and won’t be going on an ‘all in’ dry January or meat free month then maybe you might look at some of the ways I mind my wellbeing throughout the year without being unrealistic or too extreme. Because let’s face it, everything is about moderation.

Wake Up Early

Sleeping in constantly and turning the alarm clock to snooze is not the best way to start your day. Now don’t get more wrong every once in a while I do have a lay in but Monday to Friday I am up at 5am, work, study personal development, exercise and back to work. I am so much more productive in my day when I have that 2 hours quiet time before the family wakes. I would even say I get double the amount of work done than I would if I started at 9am. It can be tough at times, but once I am up I feel amazing.

Keep Moving

I have been a fitness instructor for over 20 years but even I understand how tough it can be to get regular exercise in. Exercise doesn’t have to be in the gym, it can be walking, stair walking, yoga, Pilates, gardening – just move your body!! Dance in your living room if you are feeling really flamboyant – it all burns calories and works your muscles.

Lemon Water

It’s an age old remedy but a slice of fresh lemon in your water is amazing for detoxing your system. I actually love it in hot water and try to replace some coffee with this to get a balance. Flushing out the toxins from your system will clear your complexion and make you feel more energised.

Time Out

Many of my friends will laugh at this one as to them I am a workaholic. Well yes I do love to work and my work is so much fun but I also make sure I take time to enjoy life too. I’m not one for sitting still so time out doesn’t have to mean being slumped on the sofa, but it can mean just relaxing with your family, laughing and enjoying. I always say when I get facials “they are not crows feet around my eyes they are laughter lines!!”

Do What You Love

I spent many years try to please everyone else, trying to be like everyone else. It was rather exhausting! But now I make sure I make myself happy and content first, I make sure I do what I love to do, in work, in play, every day, and when I am happy my friends and family around me are happy too. I spent a lot of time over the years trying to please everyone else and even though I was doing what they loved, I was miserable so I never got the results I wanted. Now I make sure I am happy and my life is on track, and a crazy outcome is everyone else around me is ok still!!

Treat Yourself

Being a Mum I always think about what my daughter needs and even my husband, leaving myself last if at all. But as I have got a little older I realised how important it is to do things for myself. I was, from a far teaching my daughter that as you get older and have a family that you should not value yourself. So for me yes I do go to Yoga retreats, I do enjoy spa treatments and I love using the pool and thermal suite in spas. There is nothing better than getting the circulation moving around your body, cleanse your system and exfolitate your skin.

Better Body, Better Mind, Better Life

I think it’s time for you to Go to the Spa

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year for 2019.


Heidi Grimwood

Spa Consultant and Digital Marketer

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