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Posted by FG Innovation Management Ltd on 12/04/2019

Bridge House Spa Review

Bridge House Spa Review

Dry, dehydrated winter skin...I needed to do something fast as I had an event  coming up so I decided to book in an Image Illuminating Facial at the Bridge House Spa and Beauty where I live here in Tullamore.

When I checked in at the Spa, they told me I had plenty of time to change into a luxurious robe and  use the leisure facilities beforehand and was I glad! There is a 20 meter heated swimming pool, ideal for families with parents not freezing to death having to watch their kids, aswell as a Sauna, Steam Room and indoor hot tub. 

View video here: https://streamable.com/hvh22

The best part of all this is their unique outdoor hydro pool with the most amazing powerful jets to massage any aches and pains you may have in your lower back and legs. There's a waterfall to massage your shoulders and neck which is really strong as well. I often find the hydro pools and hot tubs in hotel are more aesthetically pleasing than physically pleasing but the hydro pool here does not disappoint! 

Video here: https://streamable.com/z7wnh

After my stint in the hydro pool, I really felt wonderful, almost  like I had a full body massage from all the powerful jets! It's well known in the area as a recovery pool too and a lot of gym members and locals suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain etc use it for instant pain relief.

Time to cool down with the cold water bucket, one of those you pull onto yourself for an immediate burst of cold water all over the body, shocking but instantly refreshing after all the previous heat!

Feeling wonderfully refreshed, I headed back downstairs to the Spa and Louise showed me into the relaxation area where I had some water and filled in the mandatory consultation form. 

Louise brought me into my lovely treatment room and went through a thorough skin analysis once I was cosy and comfortable on the bed. She determined that yes dryness and dehydration were my main issues and as I tentatively mentioned my fine lines and wrinkles especially my frown line, she immediately said she would concentrate on these for me. 

The facial itself was absolutely wonderful, Louise was an amazing, talented therapist and I utterly relaxed in her capable and professional hands. After the mandatory double cleanse, she did a deep exfoliation where I felt a bit of a tingle...which I love as I know active products are on my skin and getting me a result! 

While the customized face masque was on and workings its magic,  Louise took the care to do a proper massage  getting into all my shoulder knots. Absolute heaven for a gym lover like me!

Louise finished off the facial with loads of advice for my fine lines and a fabulous recommendation of an Image overnight masque, perfect for the busy life I lead, pop it on at bedtime and wash it off in the shower in the morning, bye bye fine lines!

Time now for even more relaxation on the unique Alpha Lounger! As Louise got me comfortable on the Lounger, she asked me which journey would I prefer, there was a choice of Calm, Clarity and Fortitude. 

Calm - bring yourself back into the moment with this soothing and hypnotic blend of aromatics. Rosewood helps to lift your spirits, clary sage encourages calm, while lavandin works to unwind and relax.

Clarity - energizing bitter orange, refreshing cardamom and warming ginger work together amidst a balancing blend of awakening essential oils to sharpen your concentration. Breathe in the breeze of change. 

Fortitude - ylang ylang anchors you, while cedarwood harmonizes. Geranium restores your centre and encourages confidence. 

I chose the "Calm" as I was feeling utterly calm and serene from my wonderful facial. She then left me to inhale this essence and feel the beats of the music through the  Alpha Lounger, amazing vibrating sensations into my back in time with the music, something I've never experienced before!

View video here: https://streamable.com/vag2i

In a few minutes the "alpha state" is achieved, an area between waking and sleeping, which has a biologically balancing effect on the entire body. I could feel myself neither awake nor asleep but in that dozy, in between place where nothing else mattered. All too soon the half hour was up and I headed back to the relaxation area where a hot chocolate and beautiful pastry was waiting for me. 

All in all, I was there for just under two and a half hours and at €95, it was truly amazing value for a unique, relaxing yet results orientated experience. My skin was bright, glowing and hydrated, my mind was refreshed and my body was at ease from all the time in the thermal area, I highly recommend a visit to The Bridge House Spa and Beauty and look forward to going back again soon.


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