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Posted by The Spa Hub on 10/09/2018

A Spa versus a Salon – Why Should You Pay More?

A Spa versus a Salon – Why Should You Pay More?

Going to the spa can seem like an extravagance for some people. I know my Mum’s age group wouldn’t even consider getting their nails done let alone spending the day at a spa unless it is was really special occasion. But the new generations are used to a little more pampering and I am happy to say I even have my Mum allowing herself to indulge a little more now!

But why would you choose a spa over a salon when they often offer the same treatments?

Well it does come down to preference but here are my top tips of when it is better to make it a spa day.

  • Well-being and Health

More and more people are looking for more natural ways to heal their body. When our bodies are in a state of dis-ease (not disease but break the word up, it means our body is not at ease) then we need to take stock and look at what is causing the problem. Many health conditions are a result of a poor lifestyle. That is not to say you are eating fast food every day, morbidly obese and sit on the sofa doing nothing but in the 21st century life has got even more challenging, often stressful and fast pace. So much so that we neglect our bodies, don’t listen when we have a few aches and pains and that solid feeling in our neck and shoulders simply becomes a part of us. But tense stressed muscles results in slower blood circulation, blood nourishes our body, feeds the muscles and our organs.  It is often a result of high stress, busy lives running day in and day out.

Have to ever experienced dis-ease/illness the minute you take a vacation? It seems to be Murphy ’s Law that you get a cold or flu the minute you stop. But that is your body’s way of saying, I actually haven’t been 100% for a while but you just weren’t willing to listen to me.

So the answer to your question, why choose a spa over a salon for a treatment? You are allowing yourself TIME, you are giving your body what it needs which is to be able to switch off, breath and truly enjoy some you time. Believe me your body will thank you for it.

  • Thermal Suite and Relaxation Areas

When I visit new spas it’s like an adventure play ground for me. Finding different steam and heated chambers to relax in, sitting in hot tubs over looking beautiful scenery surrounding the spa, dipping into the pool, sipping fresh juices and eat delicious fruits and snacks laid out for the guests. No mobile phones are allowed and often the reception is so poor it’s not worth even sneaking it in your robe pocket. So not only are you replenishing and refuelling with pure detox and goodness, you are also having a much needed digital detox.

  • Experience Something Different

Everyone wants a massage or a facial when they visit the spa. But have you ever tried the treatments that a more unfamiliar to you? Why not ask your receptionist or therapist to recommend new treatments to try to me nothing feels better than an aromatic warm mud mask, cocooning you whilst you enjoy a foot massage or scalp massage. Does the spa have signature treatments that are a combination of difference treatments combined into one delightful experience? Add on a seaweed or massage bath before your face or body treatment, even the dry flotation rooms are a real treat and boost your well-being.

  • Time Together

Unlike salons, spas cater for groups, couples, family and friends packages. Many spas have a couples treatment room where couples or friends can enjoy the entire experience together, some have a private relaxation area and even a Rasul mud chamber where you apply aromatic muds and relax in a private steam room together. Making time for friends and family is so important and a spa day is often the ideal place to do this undisturbed.

  • You are Worth It

For no other reason other than the fact you are worth spending your hard earned money on. You need to make time for yourself and allow your body to relax, heal and rejuvenate. A spa allows you to do just this whether you are on your own or with family and friends.

Search for your ideal spa treatments right here or click the contact button and ask the spa directly to suggest the best treatments to suit your needs.


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